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Details of the AWS Certification Program

All in all, AWS has a portfolio that includes 12 certifications. They are split into two categories: core and specialty validations. There are six core certs that are organized on three difficulty levels. The first one is Foundational, the second is the Associate, and the last one is the Professional level. The AWS Foundational certification requires six months of experience using AWS Cloud services as well as basic industry knowledge. The certification included in this category is the Cloud Practitioner qualification. The Associate level includes three certifications for Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, and Developer.

Here, the candidates should have at least one year of experience using AWS Cloud features to implement solutions and solve problems. The Professional certificates include the Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer validations. Within this category, the applicants need to demonstrate that they have two years of experience in operating, designing, and fixing issues with the help of the AWS Cloud platform. Finally, the Specialty level includes six certifications like Advanced Networking, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Security, Alexa Skill Builder, and Database.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is ideal for candidates in non-technical positions who want to learn how the AWS platform works. The Amazon Vendor recommends candidates have at least 6 months of hands-on experience using AWS Cloud infrastructure to enroll in this certification program. The exam required to obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is code CLF-C01. Check the following candidate skills:

  • Understanding of basic cloud concepts;
  • Management of issues related to security and compliance;
  • Technology topics;
  • Pricing and billing.

The allotted time for each candidate to finish such a test is 90 minutes. Also, they will receive multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. The registration process is finalized by paying a fee of $100.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty

The AWS Data Analytics Specialty Certification is focused on candidates who want to pursue a position in the data analytics field. Amazon recommends that candidates for this certification have at least 5 years of experience working with data analytics technologies. Additionally, they must demonstrate that they have worked with the AWS architecture for at least 2 years before applying for this certification. The exam required to obtain this certification is code ANS-C00, where candidates must answer both multiple-choice questions and multiple-choice questions. They will have 180 minutes to obtain a minimum passing grade of 750 points. In addition, candidates must pay a registration fee of $300 to register for this test. Candidates can achieve a passing score on the AWS ANS-C00 exam if they demonstrate that they have the following skills:

The lifecycle of data collection;

Data storage and management;

Data processing;

Analysis and visualization;

Data security.

AWS cloud platform deployment; Security;

Development of AWS services; Refactoring;

Monitoring and troubleshooting.

AWS Official Courses

In case you’re interested in pursuing any of the above-mentioned certs, you should enroll in the courses like these:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

This course is for students of Marketing, Legal, Project Managers, Sales, Business Analysts, or Amazon Exam Dumps Academy. By enrolling in this training, candidates will learn how the cloud works and how to define it. They will also learn how to differentiate between different deployment models and cloud computing. Another objective included in this course option is dedicated to describing the AWS cloud value proposition, global cloud infrastructure, or well-architected framework. The requirements to participate in this preparatory course include the possession of general technical and commercial knowledge in computer science. The delivery method is digital and takes 6 hours. Overall, during this training, candidates learn various concepts such as AWS architecture, pricing, and security.

  • Developing on AWS

Candidates who enroll in this course will learn how to develop and use AWS SDK cloud applications. Additionally, students will learn how to provide service authentication through AWS Identity and Access Management. There, they will also gain experience in using containers during the development process, with Amazon Elastic Cache to improve application scalability. Other objectives included in this training include proper use of Web Identity Framework with Amazon Cognito, which will aid in user authentication. As for the target audience, such a course is aimed at software developers with an intermediate level of knowledge of AWS cloud services. This course is taught in the classroom and the laboratory for 3 consecutive days. Finally, it is available in several languages.

Data Analytics Fundamentals

This is a self-paced course that teaches candidates how to plan data analytics solutions and develop data analytics processes. The target group consists of data analysts, architects, and scientists. Additionally, students learn to define different types of unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data. They will also gain experience defining Amazon Kinesis for streaming data processing or defining Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, or EMR for data processing, cleansing, and transformation. Other concepts this course focuses on include analyzing the atomicity, consistency, durability, and isolation of AWS services, as well as defining how AWS services work together for data visualization. Requirements for students wishing to enroll in this course include knowledge of database concepts as well as basic skills in data storage, analysis, and processing. In addition, they should also have experience using corporate computer systems. The delivery method is digital training and the duration is 3.5 hours.


Obtaining an AWS Certificate Dumps and becoming proficient in all of its services is much easier than you might think. Simply enroll in one of the training courses above, pass the associated tests, and become certified as an AWS Cloud Data Practitioner, Developer, or Analyst. Additionally, this provider has more certification options to offer you, such as their prestigious professional and associate-level validations.

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