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Introduction to Braindumps4certification for SAA-C02 certification Exam

Do you want to make the road of your solutions architect career smooth Then we recommend you take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02) exam the exam does not only polish your existing knowledge and skills but also proves your expertise in your resume. It analyzes the candidates ability to use the concerned AWS services to create the best possible solutions keeping in view the architect principles. Companies also demand this certification for hiring because the exam also checks your ability to provide implementation recommendations for the company throughout.

Now you must be thinking that what are the prerequisites of this exam and how to prepare for it The good thing is that we have got your concerns all covered. This article contains all the necessary information you require about SAA-C02. As far as your preparation is concerned, then Braindumps 4 Certificationis there to guide you through your way of preparation. AWS certified solutions architect associate dumps help you to cover all the expected questions of the exam. These Exam Dumps are prepared and updated by a specialist which minimizes the risk of mistakes. Furthermore, to practice exams, these dumps provide you with simulation practice papers. In short, all you need is dedication, hard work and devotion while Braindumps 4 certification will do the rest of your job for you.

Exam Eligibility criteria for AWS certified solutions architect associate 2022

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam is not for everyone and has specific criteria which define the eligibility. Before opting for a decision to take this exam, check for these prerequisites.

  • Minimum experience of 1 year with AWS technology including computer networking, database, storage, AWS services.
  • Experience in deployment, management and operation of workloads on AWS.
  • Experience n implementation of security control and compliance.
  • Grasp over the use of AWS management console and AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Knowledge about AWS architected framework, networking, security system and global infrastructure.
  • Skills to identify and define which AWS service will suit the given technical requirement best for an AWS-based application.
  • Learn more about exam info on AWS official Site

2022 Refreshed AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam information

Acquiring knowledge about exams helps you to understand what you are dealing with. The SAA-C02 exam has the following pattern

  • The exam name for this certification is AWS Solutions Architect Associate (AWS-SAA)
  • The exam code to address this exam is SAA-C02
  • The exam fee is USD 150
  • The number of questions in the exam is 65
  • The question type is MCQs
  • A required passing score is 720 out of a total score of 1000.
  • Passing percentage = 65%
  • Time duration of the exam is 13 minutes.

How to get registered for the SAA-C02 Exam in 2022?

Registration for the SAA-C02 exam is not much of a tough job. You can follow the following steps to get registered.

  • Log in to the AWS Training must which is a must for every candidate.
  • From the top of the screen, select the Certification option.
  • Then go to your account of Amazon Web Server Certification
  • Schedule a new exam from there.
  • Check for the desired exam i.e. SAA-C02 exam and confirm the schedule using Pearson VUI or PSI buttons.
  • Schedule your SAA-C02 Exam Here

Exam Syllabus for SAA-C02 Exam

Knowing the syllabus and contents of the exam will help you to prepare for the exam and to know what are you supposed to focus on. The following domains show what you are required to prepare for in the exam.

Domain 1: Creating Resilient Architecture

The 30% of the exam constitute of this exam and consists of the following contents

  • How to create a solution based on multi-tier architecture
  • How to create architectures which are fault-tolerant as well as highly available
  • How to design a decoupling mechanism using AWS services
  • The process of choosing appropriate resilient storage.

Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures

The 28% of the exam constitute of this exam and consists of the following contents

  • How to find a workload scalable and elastic solution
  • How to choose the storage options having high high-performing and scalable Properties for a workload
  • How to determine the bests networking options for the workload

How to determine the best database options for a workload

Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures

The 24% of the exam constitute of this exam and consists of the following contents

  • How to create safe AWS resource access
  • How to Secure application tiers design

How to choose the best alternatives for data security

Domain 4: Create Cost-Optimized Architectures

The 8% of the exam constitute of this exam and consists of the following contents

  • How to recognize and implement cost-effective storage options
  • How to find low-cost database and computing services

How to create network cost-effective architectures

You need a full grasp of these domains to prepare for your exam to ensure that you get the SAA-C02 certifications. SAA-C02 Dumps have made the job easier than ever by incorporating all the contents of these domains in exam dumps. So now get your hands on these helping exam dumps and ensure your certification by passing this exam.

Where to get effective Exam dumps for SAA-C02?

As from the above content, you know well that what you are going to face in the exam. Now only confusion is that do these exam dumps available in the market are effective Where to get the most reliable exam dumps

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How to ensure effective preparation for SAA-C02?

For effective preparation, make sure that you know well about what you are applying for. Having a proper grasp of the relevant skills and expertise is necessary to pass the exam. If you have gone through these then all you need is to go through the syllabus provided for the exam. Now comes a question that how to get everything relevant to the syllabus compiled has an answer to your question in the form of AWS certified solutions architect associate dumps. experts have compiled exam questions from existing past papers and their experience. These questions include the question that is expected to appear in the exam. Furthermore, also helps you to practice exams by providing you with practice exam simulations.

Refreshed SAA-C02 Exam Dumps 2022

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Tips to Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

If you are looking for some workable tips to pass your AWS certified solutions architect associate exam then here is a treat for you.

Earn the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

If you do not have AWS engineering experience and understanding then this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification is recommended for you. This exam is relatively easy and will give you basic knowledge and understanding. Even if you have experience and expertise in AWS engineering, even then this exam will serve as a plus point for you. You can prepare for this exam by using exam dumps. So get all of your Exam Dumps at the same place now! offers authentic CLF-C01 Dumps for Cloud Practitioner Exam.

Dig Deeper in Specific AWS Services

If you are a beginner and are applying for AWS certified solutions architect associate exam then it is advised that you dig deeper into the AWS services. Because to do a firm preparation you need to get complete gasp over relevant topics. The areas that you must nail with respect to preparation includes Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Lambda, and Serverless Components.

Work on Scenario Based Questions

In the SAA-C02 exam, you will give a scenario and will be asked which solution technique to apply. The purpose is to assess the candidates understanding of solution techniques. Take help from SAA-C02 exam dumps and practice exams to understand and practice when to use EFS, EBS, S3, DynamoDB and RDS.

Use attempting strategies for Exam

Every kind and level of exam uses the same tactics when it comes to the method of attempting. Here are some workable tips you can use while attempting your AWS certified solutions architect associate exam.

  • Read every question twice.
  • In MCQs, most of the questions contain answers to other questions. If such a question clicks in, take help from the exam paper.
  • For scenario-based questions, before reading the scenario, read the main question. It will keep you focused on what you are looking to find.
  • Eliminate the options of MCQs that cannot be your answer at all first and then choose from the rest of the possible answers.
  • Read the statement carefully and d make sure e that you do not miss any of the given conditions.
  • Last but not the least, keep track of the time.

What is the passing score for SAA-C02?

The passing score for the SAA-C02 exam is 720. The score may seem difficult for you to achieve but if you are skillful and dedicated enough and using the right SAA-C02 exam dumps i.e. from then you can ace the exam easily.

Can I take the SAA-C02 exam online at home?

Yes, you can take the SAA-C02 exam online sitting at home the policy is active since 2020 but only the VUE company supports and PSI do not.

What is the exam retake policy?

After a failure in the first attempt, the candidate must wait for 2 weeks to apply again. Each candidate is free to take as many attempts as he wants but the fee for each attempt will be charged separately. Learn In details about Retake Policy here

Where can we attend the AWS Certification exam?

Amazon is trying to expand the facility of test centers around the world. To know what your nearest center for the exam is, you can contact PSI directly. Also, after signing in to AWS training, you are provided with the available centers and time slots and before applying. You can select any center or time slot that suits you.

Are there dumps for AWS certification in 2022?

Yes, different vendors provide you with SAA-C02 exam dumps. If you are looking for a reliable one, then is the one you should go for. offers you AWS certified solutions architect associate dumps as well as a practice test.

Can I pass the AWS exam with dumps In 2022?

If you are using the right exam dumps i.e. SAA-C02 dumps then with true dedication, chances are 100%. offers you SAA-C02 dumps prepared by experts containing authentic and updated questions.

How do I pass the SAA-C02 exam?

Practice with our excellent exam pdf Exam questions on your desktop computer or mobile device. Study difficult questions and answers from our provided PDF and put your trust in, you won’t Regret It!

How to find updated SAA-C02 Exam Dumps?

The majority of individuals simply type “SAA-C02 Dumps” into Google and receive useless text files and PDFs in return which have outdated questions with the wrong Answers but we at Provide Updated Exam questions with verified answers with Explanation.

What are SAA-C02 dumps?

Practice tests, often known as braindumps, are simulated questions and answers taken straight from the real examinations. During the actual test, you will face the same questions that were covered in our exam Dumps.