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AI-900 is a Microsoft certification exam for professionals who wish to demonstrate their expertise in Azure fundamentals. This certification is designed to ensure that professionals have the foundational knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions. Taking the AI-900 exam is the first step towards achieving the Azure Fundamentals certification. This guide will provide an overview of the exam, tips on how to prepare for the exam, and resources to help you get certified for free.

How to Prepare for the AI-900 Exam: Tips and Strategies

The AI-900 exam is a challenging test that requires extensive preparation and time. As such, it’s important to know the best tips and strategies to help you prepare for the exam and increase your chances of success. Here are some helpful tips and strategies to keep in mind when preparing for the AI-900 exam.
1. Familiarize Yourself with the Exam: The first step is to become familiar with the exam’s content and format. Read through the exam blueprint to understand the topics and objectives covered in the exam, the time limit, the number of questions, and the types of questions. You should also look up sample questions and practice tests to get a better idea of what to expect.
2. Make a Study Plan: Once you know what’s on the test, create a study plan. Allot enough time to cover each topic and keep track of your progress. Develop a timeline so that you’re not rushing to meet the deadline and avoid cramming.
3. Brush Up on Your Skills: To do well on the exam, you need to have strong skills in the topics tested. Make sure to brush up on any skills that are rusty or unfamiliar. Revisit relevant lectures, books, and articles to gain a better understanding of the material.
4. Utilize Study Resources: There are a variety of resources available to help you prepare for the AI-900 exam. You can find online study guides, practice questions, and flashcards to help you review key concepts. You can also look up YouTube videos or take online classes to help you better understand the material.
5. Take Practice Tests: Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to prepare for the AI-900 exam. Doing so will help you get used to the format of the exam and the types of questions asked. It will also help you identify any weak spots or areas of confusion.
6. Get Adequate Rest: Make sure to get enough rest and relaxation in the days leading up to the exam. Try to avoid staying up late studying and take breaks when needed. Adequate rest will help you stay focused and alert during the exam. By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to success on the AI-900 exam. Good luck!

What to Expect on the AI-900 Exam: An Overview

The AI-900 exam is a Microsoft Certification exam that tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills in deploying and managing Azure AI solutions. It is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to design, develop, and manage solutions that use artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies on the Azure platform. The exam covers topics such as creating and managing Azure AI solutions, deploying solutions to Azure, and using Azure AI tools such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, and Deep Learning. The AI-900 exam is comprised of 70-80 multiple choice and performance-based questions.

The exam has a time limit of two hours and is available in English and Japanese. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 700 or higher to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate certification. To help prepare for the AI-900 exam, Microsoft has developed a series of Learning Paths and Practice Tests. The Learning Paths provide an overview of the topics covered on the exam and include recommended courses and other resources to help candidates gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

The Practice Tests offer simulated exam questions that allow candidates to test and evaluate their understanding of the exam topics. The AI-900 exam is a challenging exam that requires a deep understanding of Azure AI solutions and technologies. Candidates should be sure to thoroughly review all of the available course materials and use the Practice Tests to assess their knowledge and skills before attempting the exam. By doing so, candidates can feel more confident and prepared on exam day.

Exploring the AI-900 Exam Topics and Objectives

The AI-900 exam is a Microsoft certification that assesses a candidate’s fundamental knowledge of Azure AI services and capabilities. It is designed to validate an individual’s understanding of how to use Azure AI services to create and run AI applications. This exam is intended for those who have foundational knowledge of the Azure platform and its services, and are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Azure AI. The AI-900 exam covers a broad range of topics, including the fundamentals of machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

Additionally, the exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of using Azure Machine Learning (AML) to create and manage AI models, deploying and managing AI applications, and using Cognitive Services to build intelligent applications. The AI-900 exam consists of 40-60 questions and candidates have up to 150 minutes to complete the exam. Exam questions are multiple choice and may include drag and drop, hot area, case studies, build list, and mark review type questions. In order to pass the AI-900 exam, candidates must demonstrate Azure AI expertise in the following areas:

  • Understand core concepts of machine learning (ML)
  • Create ML models using Azure Machine Learning
  • Deploy and manage ML models
  • Understand natural language understanding (NLU)
  • Understand computer vision
  • Create and manage Cognitive Services resources
  • Implement solutions using Cognitive Services
  • Monitor and optimize AI solutions
  • Troubleshoot AI solutions .

By successfully passing the AI-900 exam, candidates will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the Azure AI services and capabilities and will be able to create and manage AI applications.

AI-900 Exam Free

How to Make the Most of AI-900 Exam Prep Materials

AI-900 Exam Prep Materials are essential for those planning to take the Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam. These materials, whether online or in print, can help you prepare for the exam and ensure that you have the best chance of success. To make the most of your AI-900 Exam Prep Materials, follow these tips:
1. Familiarize yourself with the exam objectives: Before diving into the preparation process, take the time to familiarize yourself with the exam objectives. Understanding the topics that are covered on the exam can help you focus your studies and hone in on the areas that you need to review more extensively.
2. Develop a study plan: Developing a comprehensive study plan is key to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the exam. Make sure to include realistic goals and set deadlines for each of your goals to help keep you on track.
3. Utilize practice tests: Taking practice tests can be invaluable when preparing for the AI-900 Exam. Not only do practice tests help you assess your current level of knowledge, but they can also help you identify areas that you need to review more closely.
4. Take note of any areas that need extra attention: As you work through the AI-900 Exam Prep Materials, take note of any areas that you are struggling with or that need extra attention. Make sure to go back and review these areas to ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam.
5. Get help if needed: Lastly, don’t hesitate to get help if you need it. Consider taking an AI-900 Exam Prep Course or connecting with a certified AI professional who can offer personalized guidance and advice. By following these tips, you can make the most of your AI-900 Exam Prep Materials and increase your chances of success on the exam. Good luck with your studies!

Understanding AI-900 Exam Scoring and Pass Requirements

The Microsoft AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals exam is designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI). This exam is intended for individuals who have basic experience with AI, machine learning, and the Microsoft Azure platform. The AI-900 exam consists of 40-60 questions and has a time limit of 120 minutes. The exam is scored on a scale of 100-1000 and a passing score is
1. To pass the exam, candidates must demonstrate an understanding of core AI concepts and demonstrate how to apply AI solutions using Microsoft Azure. The AI-900 exam covers a range of topics, from basic AI concepts to understanding how to develop, deploy, and monitor AI solutions. In addition, the exam tests a candidate’s ability to apply AI solutions to real-world scenarios. The exam also covers concepts related to using AI to drive innovation and improve business processes.

To prepare for the AI-900 exam, candidates should familiarize themselves with the exam objectives and use a range of resources to study the topics covered. These resources can include books, online tutorials, and practice tests. Additionally, candidates should understand the exam’s scoring system and familiarize themselves with Microsoft Azure. By understanding the scoring system and the exam objectives, candidates can prepare for the AI-900 exam and have the best chance of achieving a passing score. Good luck!


In conclusion, the AI-900 exam is not only an important milestone for any professional looking to further their career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, but it is also a great way to get a free certification that you can use to showcase your skills and knowledge. With the right preparation, any individual can take the AI-900 exam and pass it with ease.

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